25 Things Everyone Should Know……or Maybe Not

Hello everyone, sorry it has been so long since I posted. This past week has been crazy at work and life in general. I have been in and out of offices trying to get ready for my study abroad to Spain. Also I couldn’t think of anything worth while to post about. I want to make sure that the content posted on Nebraska Girl Adventures is important/relevant/worthwhile and not just random, time wasting, boring, useless stuff.

Recently my Facebook and Pintrest pages have been blowing up with things like “26 Things You Should Learn How to Cook in Your Twenties” or “12 Ways to Cook a Steak Everyone Should Know”. While they are worth while lists, and have some good information on them, the titles can be very misleading. 

The list of things that “everyone” should know how to cook in their twenties, was a list of purely American food. One item on the list was good pulled pork. Yes, if you eat pulled pork, you should probably learn to cook it by your 30th birthday. That is more then sufficient time to learn. But what if you are Muslim? Most Muslims that I know do not eat pork at all. A Muslim shouldn’t know how to cook pork, why would they? Seafood was also on that list. I rarely eat seafood, Nebraska is in the middle of the country and North American continent. By the time seafood gets to my hometown, it is not fresh at all and tastes nasty. If I live in a first world country and barely have access to seafood, and when I do it is pricey, then what makes someone think that a person in the middle of a third world landlocked country is going to get decent seafood? 

On to the steak list, now I am from Nebraska, the red meat capital of the country and we are a world competitor as well. There are few people who enjoy a good steak more then Nebraskans, myself included….but not everyone eats steak. That is not a bad thing, more for me!!!! If that list were to appear in a country like India, people would be horrified. In India’s main religion, which is Hindu, forbids the consumption of cows. Cows are almost scared in India. They are allowed to roam the streets and do what they want. I imagine every cow wants to live there, they know that they will be treated well and never be eaten :).

These list are not bad lists, but insinuating that “everyone” needs it is wrong. Not “everyone” needs to know how to cook steak. Not “everyone” wants to cook steak. If the list were title “12 Really Good Ways to Cook Steak” I would not have a problem with it. Or if the list of foods I should know how to cook by the time I turn thirty contained more international foods that that would be different, but it doesn’t. 

There is a big world out there. Take one trip off your home continent and you will start to realize how big our world is. When I was flying to SE Asia it took us almost 2 full days of traveling. It was literally half-way across the world, the farthest I could get form home. There was a 12 hour time difference in the capitol city of the country. On the plane ride back home, we got to see some amazing islands. Islands I didn’t even know existed. It was weird to think that people live there, and I didn’t even know their home existed. It was an eyeopening experience. 

Most people have heard the expression “its a small world”, well no, actually it isn’t. Its a huge and vast world. There are billions and billions of people in it. That concept will never truly sink in unless you go and see the world. When you go and see the world it will become clear that some things you thought were universal, really aren’t. Things that “everyone” should know, only pertain to your culture and lifestyle. 

On the flip side of that, there are things that are truly universal. I wrote a post recently about what I perceive as being truly universal in my travels recently. Maybe you will see some of the same things, maybe you already have. Maybe you will see totally different things. One thing I know for sure, the only way to find out is to go and explore this big and crazy world that God has given us.

Alicia  🙂




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